I Re-Finish Furniture

Yes, this is what I like to do when I’m not photographing weddings and families.  Finding awesome pieces of furniture and giving them a new lease on life brings me great joy.

This particular piece just happen to be waiting for me to find it when we were looking to buy our house last November.  The owner had asked us if there was anything we were interested in so she wouldn’t have to move it out.  This piece screamed  “re-finish me” when I first saw it.  My husband was sceptical as he always is when I bring a curb side or garage sale finds home.  He’s starting to trust my vision now.

I first started with an awesome primer I use on every piece of wood work I paint. I picked it up at my local hardware store.

Then I proceed with 3 coats of Benjamin Moore Banana Yellow 2022-40 (Velvet in Ben) from the hardware store. I applied with a small sponge roller.

I waited for it to dry for a few days, then grabbed some 80 grit sandpaper to rough up all the corners, edges and some of the area’s around the drawer pulls.

After “antiquing” I didn’t feel as though it was finished. So I grabbed some walnut stain I had used to stain my stairs and rubbed it on with a rag and tried to whip off as much as possible.

I then waited and waited and waited for some really strong good looking guys to haul it up from the basement  and place it in my living room.

This piece is flippin’ heavy, they just don’t make furniture like they used to.  This thing is solid wood and beautiful.



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